Content specific artists and exhibitors 

At AiKon you will be able to meet a selection of enthusiastic boys/girls love themed artists! You will also have the chance to buy your favourite fandom’s character merch and kawaii goodies!

Panel Stage

Here we provide funny and interesting fandom talks as well as panels troughout both convention days. A livestream of the whole stage program will be available on DoKomiTV.

Bring & Buy

The place to find rare character goods, doujinshi, manga and more from private sellers. Clean out your fandom shelves, bring the goods you don’t want / need anymore and have them sold to other fans! 

Gaming Corner

Chill and play together with your friends in our gaming corner!

Maid Café & Host Club

The Lucky Chocolate MaidCafe and the Sweet Spice Host Club will be present at AiKon and entertain you with sweet Maids and gorgeous Hosts.

J-Food Area

We will provide food trucks with japanese specialities in our courtyard.

Sleepover party

Saturday night we will hold a sleepover party for everyone who stays with us until 12pm or overnight.

J-Core Partybus

Dance in our little partybus which is located in the courtyard to Anisongs, Jpop, Kpop & Jcore.


Use the beautiful Rheinaue or the astonishing Drachenfels for cosplay photo shootings close by!