Content specific artists & exhibitors 

At AiKon you will be able to meet a selection of enthusiastic boys/girls love themed artists! You will also have the chance to buy your favourite fandom's character merch and kawaii goodies!



BROjectArts | YaoZaru



Lyenka Art

Meiran Illustration

Miya SeParade



Universaria Art

Panel Stage

Here we provide funny and interesting fandom talks as well as panels troughout both convention days. Please check out our program plan over here:

Bring & Buy

The place to find rare character goods, doujinshi, manga and more from private sellers. Clean out your fandom shelves, bring the goods you don’t want / need anymore and have them sold to other fans! More information here!

Nekomimi Cafe

Let cute Catboys and Catgirls entertain you at the event! You don't know anyone at AiKon? Well, not any longer after hanging out with our cute Cats!

On Saturday starting at 13:15 everyone is invited to our "Meet the people" event. It's the perfect opportunity to meet new people and make friends for life <3

Adult Gaming

The Pink Room presents you in friendly cooperation with a selection of adult games from abstract pixel love of the 1980s to the very latest visual novels – from ecchi to hentai – there is something for every lover of Yaoi, Yuri, Bishōjo, otome and boys love.

Special Feature:

The Symbiant

Sakura Tempest

Herzblatt – The Dating Game

Our dating event 'Herzblatt' will take place again at AiKon 2022. Take part in this legendary quiz format and find the person who makes your heart beat faster among 3 candidates <3

Become part of this show and contact if you are interested. The show takes place once in the fun cosplay parody version and once in the classic dating version.

Send an email with the subject: 'Cosplay-Herzblatt' or 'Real Herzblatt' if you are interested in taking part.

Important! If you register for the 'Real-Herzblatt', please send us the following data:



Preferred Dating Gender:

This is the only way we can match suitable candidates.

Yoshi Nama Gin & Cocktail Bar

Food chemist and bartender Max Bergfried is behind this heavily alcoholic declaration of love for the Düsseldorf district "Little Tokyo". Yoshi Nama is a German gin with a Japanese spirit: true to what grows together in nature also harmonizes in terms of taste: juniper, sloe, lingonberry and gentian form the heart of this gin.

The always cheerful Tanuki Yoshi opens his Gin & Cocktail Bar at BaseCamp for us exclusively this AiKon. Delicious (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) cocktails and a welcoming atmosphere await you here!

Shibari Refuge Shows & Photo Shoots

Düsseldorf-based Jan aka JPBondage is an internationally renowned artist of the Japanese Shibari / Kinbaku bondage art.

We have met Jan for the first time at AIKON 2019. Now we are happy to welcome him and his team to AIKON for the second time.

This artful handling of the rope in the form of decorative bondage has also found a permanent place in cosplay. At Jan's booth you'll be able to experience his masterful art yourself and go home with a beautiful picture and fine quality ropes.

Outdoor Event – Squirt Game

We are planning a jizzy event for our outdoor area, so bring some extra clothes and a towel with you 😉 Showers are available and no, no person covered in fluids is allowed near the Artist Alley.

For an authentic experience we will use almond milk based biodegradable liquid.

Sleepover party

Saturday night we will hold a sleepover party including a bonfire for everyone who stays with us until 12pm or overnight. Attendance is recommended! 😀

Streetfood Area

A coffeebike, organic asian-europian vegan and vegetarian food, pancakes, kakigori and some classic grilled german Bratwurst await you!

Hofliebe Organic Food Special AiKon Menu:

Miso eggplant with sesame mayo (vegan)

Fried rice balls with asaduke (cucumber salad) & horseradish mayo (vegan)

Colourful Hofliebe salad with miso dressing

Coconut vegetable soup

Rice pudding with blueberry sauce

Cakes & Cookies

Homemade iced tea

Made with love <3

J-Core Partybus

Dance to the beats provided by CHZK!

CHZK was born for one thing: To bring the underground vibes of bright colors, cute 2D charas and J-Core from Tokyo to Germany! Since 2018 he has been playing at various anime conventions in Germany and the Netherlands – of course also at the first Ai-Kon 2019! This time he's back for you in the party bus with his mixture of anisongs, J-Pop, EDM, Vocaloid and J-Core!


Use the beautiful Rheinaue or the astonishing Drachenfels for cosplay photo shoots close by! But ofcourse our location provides very interesting photo opportunities as well.